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EXIT NORMAL: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life is an inspirational yet practical guidebook that encourages you to consider taking a temporary break from your life, your home, and your culture.

Read it if you:

  • need time to reevaluate your dreams but lack the time to do so in your day-to-day life
  • need to be inspired to get out of your comfort zone
  • feel that life is too short to put off your dreams for another day
  • want to be reminded that YOU are the author of your own story
  • think that NORMAL life isn’t giving you the space you need to live fearlessly in the moment or the chance to navigate your own path toward happiness and joy

If any of these describe you, maybe you need a break from your regular life, just as we did. This book will help you:

  • understand how a family escape can redefine your goals and priorities so much that your life will be forever changed
  • plan your break from “normal” with ideas on how long to go and location
  • gain clarity on how to rethink your finances to achieve your goal of travel
  • approach education in a creative and unique way so your kids get the most from the trip.

If you’ve considered taking a family sabbatical, read our story to be inspired as you make your own travel plans. Buy now on Amazon for just $3.99 by clicking on the photo above. At this point, the book is in Kindle format only, but you can download free Kindle apps for your Mac, PC, smartphone, iPad, or Android.  



“What a great book! If you think about unplugging, dream of living a different life, need some inspiration to break away and do something different, this book is just what you need.” –Capran

“A life-changing book… Fantastic book. We too made the decision to change our lives and are two months into our new lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing!” –Karen

“I absolutely loved this book. I enjoyed how the author shared everything that led up to taking a sabbatical. I also enjoyed how she included tips and ideas on how to make this a reality of your own. Now I am off to dream about the next chapter of my life.” — Allison

“If you enjoy travel and are dipping your toe into the RTW travel idea or short sabbaticals, you’ll love this book. Great, honest, inspiring writing!” –Anonymous

“This is a well-written and inspiring read about a family forever changed by their 6-month sabbatical in Belize. If you are considering a family sabbatical, or if you feel stuck in a rut and can’t imagine how to turn your travel dreams a reality, this uplifting book is just the ticket. It’s very reasonably priced and IMO a great value considering the quality of the book.” — Renee

“An inspiring story about how to take a family sabbatical. A lot of us dream about it but few of us actually do it. I appreciated the ‘how to’ sections, but I mostly enjoyed the real stories about living in Belize with four kids. My husband and I met in Belize so it would definitely be high on our list of countries to take a sabbatical in and it’s great to believe we could do it without having to sell everything we own for six months to a year away. A great book!” — Sarah C.


Published author, worldschooling mother of four, and frequent traveler, Domini Hedderman is the author of the book, Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life, which tells the story of her family's six-month sabbatical in Belize in 2012-13. Since that first trip, she and her family started worldschooling, took a second trip traveling across the U.S. in a 32-foot travel trailer, and then spent an awesome three months learning Spanish (and making friends) in Costa Rica. They spent two months in Mexico last winter, practicing Spanish and just returned from five weeks in France and Italy, where they enjoyed the magic of the home exchange. Her soul mission is to teach her kids about the beautiful diversity of the world and to inspire them--and others--to live the life of their dreams.

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