We live in a world of abundant information. No matter what we’re looking to learn, someone knowledgeable is willing to teach. What a blessing it is to have so much knowledge available at our fingertips! Online pubs, Facebook posts, Pinterest boards, and websites abound. Everywhere you look, you find experts, opinion leaders, pundits, and gurus.

The thought doesn’t escape me that my voice as a writer/blogger is but one of millions out there. So many people offer opinions, advice, or just support to others. I’ve thought more than once, “Who am I to discuss the topics I discuss? I’m not a travel expert. I’m not a pillar of parenting. I’m not a spiritual guide. I’m just a regular person, trying to figure stuff out.” I can easily let myself get discouraged. I can easily forget to believe in myself.

But I’m releasing myself from this self-defeating thinking. Of course I don’t know everything. But I do have a piece of the greater puzzle, just like every other human being on the planet. My biggest motive for writing this blog is to learn how to live my own best life while encouraging anyone reading to do the same. We’re all in this together.

I’m no guru. I know a little about a lot of things but I don’t feel like much of an expert on anything. Just like anyone else, I have both strengths and weaknesses. I believe myself to be a pretty capable mom, a dedicated yet imperfect wife, and a sometimes great/sometimes mediocre friend. I am skillful at reading and writing but not as good at communicating interpersonally. I am interested in many topics and seek truth in everything, but I understand that sometimes my truth-seeking borders on thinking waaay too much. I like to ask challenging questions but realize it sometimes rubs people the wrong way when I do that. I try every day to practice positivity and gratitude but often fail and sink into negative attitudes.

I’m not perfect. I am nowhere near enlightened. But I think conversation is an important step toward a beautiful new world… and so I write.

You’re probably not perfect, either. But you’re a beautiful piece of God and, like me, you have a purpose in this life. Whatever that purpose might be, don’t be afraid to get to work. You’re probably not a guru either, but it doesn’t matter. Just get started.