“Minds awaken on roads less taken.” The fortune on the bottle cap of my second Magic Hat #9 beer spoke to me.

Maybe I’m superstitious but little signs like this rock! I’m a sucker for fortune cookies, horoscopes, and now beer caps.

And I love this sentiment. If I remove myself from my regular day-to-day life, my mind will come alive. New experiences, new people, new sights and sounds – these can all help me dig into a richer creativity and uncover truths about myself and the world.

The “road less taken” might mean something so extreme as leaving your home, you country, you culture, and everything and everybody you know. (We did this when we took six months away from our regular life in Belize.)

Or it could mean making a change as simple as removing yourself from your “normal” life and doing something different. Taking a drive, walking around a different neighborhood, starting a new hobby, or making a new personal connection – these are all ways of breaking out of the mundane to awaken your mind!

Your mind, body, and soul come alive when you’re able to break out of the mundane, the hum drum, to do something different for awhile. But you don’t have to take an extended trip to figure this out. We chose that method for our most recent adventure to get out of the rushed and stressful modern culture for awhile, where people are sometimes so busy I feel they don’t really care about anything beyond their next errand, phone call, or Facebook post. Kids seem to be growing up too fast. And everywhere you look is waste – people buying inferior products they don’t need and then working hours upon hours to pay for them. Pollution, food additives, and chemicals in everything we touch present harm we may not even think about.

Life seems shallow in the modern world sometimes. It seems many people are content to live without scratching below the surface.

But when you DO scratch below the surface, a whole new beautiful world opens up for you! When you take a different road in your life, even if only for a temporary time, you’re able to break out of the rut of merely surviving to begin on the path of thriving.

What new activity, hobby, or travel experience are you excited about trying? Is there an old habit your want to ditch or a new, healthy habit you want to start? Who are the people you’d like to get to know better?