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LifeIsTooImportantAs I considered what to add to my own bucket list of dreams I want to accomplish before I die, I realized that, overall, I simply want to enjoy the little moments in life. A great day for me is having equal parts challenge, variety, and connection. I need some element of growing and stretching myself, learning, trying to push myself past the limit of what I thought I could do or know. I also really enjoy trying new things and seeing new horizons. And, last, I thrive most when I’m connecting with people, with myself, and with my surroundings.

I guess the most important thing to realize is that each person’s list will look completely different since we are, in fact, unique human beings with our own backgrounds, capabilities, and desires. I try to remember this as I write, adding things because they are what I truly want to do–not because they’re “hip” or the fad at the time.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of dreams. (I crossed off the ones I already accomplished.)

  • skydiving
  • travel internationally
  • live internationally (short-term, up to six months)
  • live internationally (long-term, longer than six months)
  • visit all seven continents
  • learn a new language
  • write a book
  • write a best-selling book
  • have a family
  • see a castle
  • start a business on my own
  • learn yoga
  • dance in public without fear
  • hike to Machu Picchu in Peru
  • go to a paper lantern celebration in Thailand
  • have a farm
  • learn how to shoot
  • learn how to eat clean
  • visit Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • volunteer at a hospice
  • give an anonymous gift that makes a huge difference in someone’s life
  • stand on the equator
  • see a ghost
  • leave a time capsule
  • bicycle long distance
  • learn and have a real understanding of history
  • do a home exchange
  • have a big garden
  • take a cooking class in Italy
  • get naked at a nude beach
  • see the Northern Lights
  • harness the power of meditation
  • have many, many years with all of my kids and grandkids (Seems like a no-brainer, but my own mother didn’t get that many years with her grandkids, since she died at 65. And Kevin’s mom didn’t get to meet even her first grandchild since she died at age 45. Time with loved ones is not something to be taken for granted.)
  • drive across the United States
  • write my memoir
  • help other people write their memoirs
  • visit Scandinavia
  • teach workshops to help people have better lives
  • have a dog
  • go horseback riding on a beach
  • take care of someone else’s dining bill, anonymously
  • become enlightened (This one might take me awhile, haha.)
  • find the meaning of life
  • forgive all past wrongs
  • do a round-the-world trip
  • go snorkeling
  • become self-sustainable
  • live off the grid
  • earn a million dollars
  • help underprivileged kids
  • attend a meditation retreat
  • learn photography
  • speak in public to a large audience
  • learn to dance
  • learn to swim
  • start a movement to try to make positive change in the world
  • visit Auschwitz
  • be interviewed on TV
  • have an alpaca business
  • learn sign language
  • go on a long cruise
  • meet someone famous
  • host a really big party
  • hike El Camino de Santiago in Spain
  • take a housesitting assignment
  • volunteer abroad
  • have a happy marriage
  • read my poetry in public
  • travel Australia or New Zealand in a camper van
  • learn a martial art
  • go zip-lining in Costa Rica


Published author, worldschooling mother of four, and frequent traveler, Domini Hedderman is the author of the book, Exit Normal: How We Escaped With Our Family and Changed Our Life, which tells the story of her family's six-month sabbatical in Belize in 2012-13. Since that first trip, she and her family started worldschooling, took a second trip traveling across the U.S. in a 32-foot travel trailer, and then spent an awesome three months learning Spanish (and making friends) in Costa Rica. They spent two months in Mexico last winter, practicing Spanish and just returned from five weeks in France and Italy, where they enjoyed the magic of the home exchange. Her soul mission is to teach her kids about the beautiful diversity of the world and to inspire them--and others--to live the life of their dreams.

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