When we got back from our six months in Belize, I published a book that said we “changed our life.” But some days, it doesn’t feel like much changed. We jumped back into our old house, our old culture, and our old habits. Where was the big dream in everyday, regular, “normal” life? Taking care of kids. Homeschooling kids. Going to the grocery store. Working. Paying the bills. Cleaning the house.

Do you ever feel like you’d love to live your dreams… and if only you had a minute away from all your obligations and stressors, maybe you could? Yeah, you’d LOVE to live your dreams. But there are too many obstacles.

Just like you, we have obstacles, too. Even so, we’re heading out in a day or two for a couple more months of travel. We want the kids to learn about our country in an experiential way. We thought they would learn the most from life on the road about everything: history, geography, geology, culture, economics, critical thinking, and language arts. (And those are just the academic topics.) So, voila! The idea of camping across the United States was born.

Exit Normal Road Trip, here we come!

But obstacles… yeah, we got ’em. Plenty of them. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed. Stuff to worry about. A business that doesn’t run itself. Busy schedules that make it hard to break away. Kids to take care of, to homeschool, to mold into upstanding citizens. Black moods to contend with. Low self-esteem about a number of things. A house to take care of: grass to mow, a leaky roof. FEAR.

We can’t afford to take off with our kids to live our dreams and see the world. But, when we think of how few years we have left with our young kids, we realize: WE CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO.

At our lowest point of feeling overwhelmed and sheepish, we think, “How dare we try to do things differently than everyone else? Who are WE? Who do we think we ARE?” At our highest point of feeling abundance and possibilities, we think, “How dare we not live a life of authenticity, hope, and freedom? How dare we we fail ourselves and our children in this fundamental way?”

If we never stick our head up out of life’s everyday chaos to take chances, we’ll never be able to breathe free. If we don’t unglue ourselves from normal life, we’ll never see the wonderful possibilities. If we stop short at the obstacles instead of climbing over them, we’ll never know the amazing reward that comes when we pronounce “SCREW FEAR” and do the things we’ve always wanted to do.

Our days rush by. Our houses are cluttered and our floors sticky. Our bodies are getting older. We’re tired. We need to lose that extra 10 or 20 pounds. We feel overwhelmed, incapable, overworked, and underpaid. We have no money, no time, and no energy.

Obstacles. These are all obstacles.

But not one of them is insurmountable. If we keep an open mind and work hard to find the positivity in everything, there’s no good reason not to live our dreams.

The Rig

As for us, we have a second-hand travel trailer and a good strong truck to pull it with. And we have four kids who are super pumped to spend time with us, explore new places, and learn on the road about how to be a team.

We’re not ready. It’s not easy. We should stay home. We *should* buckle down and live a normal life and everything else. But it’s a big, big world out there, and we only have so many more years to see it.

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