Lately I feel as though I’m on the edge of something. Something good. Something special. Oh, I’ve had times in my life, too, where I’ve felt a foreboding, as though some dark evil would shortly befall me. But this time, I feel a lightness I’ve never known before. A freedom. A giddiness welling up inside me that things are going my way.

After much thought, I believe that the secret to happiness is a healthy balance of both moving toward the light and living in the moment. And what do I mean by that? I believe in manifesting the life of your dreams, even though this may be called by some as striving and is to be avoided. I don’t stop following my dreams. I don’t stop looking for abundance. I don’t stop striving for happiness. Why? Because no one else will do it for me. And I only have one life to live.

But I also take plenty of time to go back to the center of myself, to thank God for what is, to enjoy each and every one of these beautiful moments on earth. Gratitude for what is is the key to unlocking the next thing to be grateful for. Sitting in the stillness of this precious moment is the means to bringing about the next precious moment. It’s a fabulous cycle.

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I’m very much interested in full, abundant living. In finding those things, places, people, activities, and ideas that fire me up—and then attracting these things into my life en masse.

This is where goodness comes from. Not just for me, but for everyone. In an airplane, they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? Because if you’re not alive, you’re not helping anyone else. When I’m happy, truly happy, I walk around all day smiling. And when I walk around like that, I’m like a positive virus. The happiness spreads. For me, and for everyone around me.

As I type, a squirrel is playing roguishly in the back yard. The sun glows blindingly through the sturdy branches of a tree. Cars and bikes glide by on the street. The wind rustles the palm fronds. An American flag waves grandly within my sight.

Every animal, person, and thing is doing what it’s supposed to do. That’s the amazing design of the universe. The squirrel is happy frolicking from tree stump to tree branch. He’s fulfilling his destiny here. But I’m not a squirrel. I’m a human being with Divine roots who is headed for Enlightenment. It’s time to wake up to that realization. And to the realization that we’re all on the edge, every day, to the miracle of being alive.