I was talking to a family member this weekend about how she recently checked an item off her bucket list by running her first full marathon.

In talking about it with her, I realized that sometimes the feeling of empowerment you get after accomplishing a new goal really has nothing to do with a bucket list. Sometimes, it’s simply about reaching deep within to push yourself past the limits. Only then will you realize that you can meet – and maybe even exceed – your goals.

And only then comes true living. Aware living.

When we play it safe and live the life we’ve always lived, we stagnate. Why are we afraid of change? Change is scary. Change means the unknown. We won’t know how to react to our new way of life or how to make sense of things.

Change might mean taking a new job or going back to school. Change might mean letting go of those people who don’t help us flourish. Change might mean moving our residence. Change might mean learning a new skill or kicking an old habit. Change might mean ditching the fear that stands between us and our dreams.

We are made of energy that is in constant motion. That motion can signify forward momentum, or it could be moving us backward. Maybe the energy is simply humming quietly, keeping us basically in the same place.

But staying in the same place can be the biggest sin we commit against ourselves. When we stand still in our lives, we will actually start to rot from the inside. We will not be restoring ourselves with the new life that comes from a different way. We’ll fall into decline. We’ll languish.

Make the change. Push yourself past what you think you’re capable of. Don’t stay where you think you “should” be or where you think others want you to be. Consider who you are and what you want. Make a list, if you need to. And then… swing for the fences.

Because you only get one go-around at this thing we call living.

It’s better to have regrets over the mistakes you may have made in trying new things than regrets over never having tried anything at all.

Dig deep within yourself and figure out what changes will help you flourish. Get out of your comfort zone and make a change.

What change would you like to make in your life?