The very nice honey lady at the farmer’s market asked me whether we were on vacation and I told her it was sort of a long story: we’d bought a house in Florida and were fixing it up to rent out during Florida’s high season. But… we still have a base in Pennsylvania and we slow travel a lot and homeschool and… oh, it was all so confusing. In explaining myself to her, I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the moving parts in our life and the transition we find ourselves in. Whew. I was out of breath and out of steam.

The honey lady only gazed at me calmly. Then she spoke four simple words that brought me back to reality. She said: “Remember why you’re here.”

I must have looked a little dumbfounded because she went on the explain. “Well, you’re here on the Florida coast. We have beautiful beaches and all kinds of other fun things to do. Don’t work so much that you don’t remember why you’re here.”

Ha. So the honey lady’s words have become somewhat of a mantra in our house. When things get tough, we remind each other: Remember why you’re here.

When the details of the day threaten to take over our sense of peace… we remember why we’re here.

Or when it doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in a day to get everything done… we take a deep breath… and remember why we’re here.

  • We’re here to see the beauty and grandeur in everything around us.
  • We’re here to love and be loved and to connect in meaningful ways with those around us.
  • We’re here to do those things that make our souls stir with utter delight.
  • We’re here to dream big and to watch those dreams come true!
  • We’re here to watch the sun go down with our gratitude and rise with our anticipation.
  • We’re here to work hard on the things we love–like our marriage, our family, our relationships, and our businesses.
  • We’re here to do more of things we love to do and less of the things we don’t.
  • We’re here to help others on our planet in meaningful ways.
  • We’re here to have daydreams of catching the big one–and to make those dreams a reality.
  • We’re here to teach our children about the wonders of living and to enjoy every precious moment of their childhoods.
  • We’re here to appreciate every moment, period.
  • We’re here to see the essence of the divine in ourselves and in others.

So, the next time you feel frazzled by life and stressed out by the many tasks on your t0-do list… take a second to step back and remember why you’re here.