Remembering Christmas in Belize

Here’s a blog post I wrote almost two years ago on my old blog, Renaissance Housewife. At the time, we were living in a tiny village in Belize. Our preparations for Christmas included finding a small palm tree in the jungle and decorating it with homemade decorations and making gifts for each other out of whatever we could find lying…

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Today is the Beginning of Your New Life

Today is the start of your new life, the very beginning of a fresh existence that will make your heart sing every day. What are you going to do to start moving toward your dream life? Let’s get one thing straight. Big dreams don’t happen unless you realize that smaller, short-term goals are the key to success. Are your short-term…

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Living the Dream

Elegant Fearlessness

I met Yvonne and Alfredo Villoria in Belize. Having heard about them, I expected them to be an interesting couple. Little did I know how interesting. When we arrived at their 20-acre homestead in rural southern Belize–and had to ring a repurposed empty propane tank used as a gong to let them know of our arrival–I knew I was right: they…

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