Exiting Normal

How to Get Traveling Sooner Than You Think

Some of the common objections I hear from would-be family travelers are: “But I see other families online who sold everything they owned to travel the world! I don’t necessarily want to sell it all and live out of a suitcase.” “Going to the grocery store with my children is too overwhelming. How could I travel internationally with them?” “I…

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The Path

Attention: 39-Year-Old Has Senior Moment

Here in Florida, the average population is somewhat… you can say… mature. But I’m fast realizing that age is only a number and the kind of life you live has nothing to do with where you are on the great timeline of life. Living the life of your dreams can come at any age and, in fact, can see you…

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Burn, Baby, Burn!

We all remember hearing about the evils of forest fires from Smokey the Bear. However, we are now learning from many environmental scientists that fire (fire contained reasonably within wild areas that doesn’t affect human life or property) is good. Even huge forest fires that decimate thousands of acres in Yellowstone National Park have a beneficial effect on that area’s…

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