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Exiting Normal

How to Get Traveling Sooner Than You Think

Some of the common objections I hear from would-be family travelers are: “But I see other families online who sold everything they owned to travel the world! I don’t necessarily want to sell it all and live out of a suitcase.” “Going to the grocery store with my children is too overwhelming. How could I travel internationally with them?” “I…

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More for Less in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica is thirsty work. Because of this, after a couple of cups of strong Costa Rican coffee, water is my main, all-day beverage. Still, after a long day of walking around the hilly city of Grecia under the hot sun, and stressing my tongue out over Spanish phrases with confused but patient Ticos, a glass of wine…

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Today is the Beginning of Your New Life

Today is the start of your new life, the very beginning of a fresh existence that will make your heart sing every day. What are you going to do to start moving toward your dream life? Let’s get one thing straight. Big dreams don’t happen unless you realize that smaller, short-term goals are the key to success. Are your short-term…

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