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Exiting Normal

Roughing Out the Smooth Edges Through Travel

Even though you have a good life, do you ever find yourself feeling like something is missing? A friend (let’s call her Sheila) once told me about how she and her husband worked jobs they loved and made good money. But they felt like they never got to see their kids, except for a couple of brief hours in the…

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The Path

Attention: 39-Year-Old Has Senior Moment

Here in Florida, the average population is somewhat… you can say… mature. But I’m fast realizing that age is only a number and the kind of life you live has nothing to do with where you are on the great timeline of life. Living the life of your dreams can come at any age and, in fact, can see you…

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Today is the Beginning of Your New Life

Today is the start of your new life, the very beginning of a fresh existence that will make your heart sing every day. What are you going to do to start moving toward your dream life? Let’s get one thing straight. Big dreams don’t happen unless you realize that smaller, short-term goals are the key to success. Are your short-term…

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