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3 Ways France Taught Me How Living Can Be An Art

“Ici, vivre est un arte.” Translated: Here, living is an art. I saw this sentence written on a brochure for a winery in the Loire Valley. Although we didn’t end up visiting that winery on our recent trip to France (or any, really, as it didn’t seem like the thing to do with four kids in tow), the words stuck…

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The Path

3 Simple Ways to Burn Your Negativity

Feeling negative is human. But remember that thoughts are food we give our psyche. When we ingest a steady diet of negativity, in the form of bitterness, anger, jealousy, guilt, regret, hatred, sadness, and fear, we reap negative rewards. Looping negative thoughts makes our minds every bit as sick as eating junk food makes our bodies sick. I will admit…

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