living the dream

Exiting Normal

How to Get Traveling Sooner Than You Think

Some of the common objections I hear from would-be family travelers are: “But I see other families online who sold everything they owned to travel the world! I don’t necessarily want to sell it all and live out of a suitcase.” “Going to the grocery store with my children is too overwhelming. How could I travel internationally with them?” “I…

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Living the Dream

Meet Jessica Sueiro-Daring to Dream (Family Traveler Series)

Welcome to the newest installment of the Daring to Dream Family Traveler Series! Jessica and Will Sueiro and their two children have been soaking up the travel life for three years now. Currently settled in a little village in the south of France, the family has fully embraced the worldschooling philosophy as they actively take up residence in one new…

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Camping at Wal-Mart

When I say I’m exiting normal, I mean that I am consciously steering clear from those parts of modern culture that are hard to take. I happen to think modern culture has produced quite a number of benefits effects worth celebrating. iPads, for instance. Netflix. The rear back-up camera in our truck. Crowdsourcing. And that cheerful scrappiness lots of people…

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