new normal

The Path

Yes, You Can Become the Person You Were Meant to Be

We’ve all faced times in our lives when we were sailing above the clouds. That first few weeks of falling in love. Or that moment we first cradled our newborn baby in our arms. All those days that seemed to go right–we hit all the green lights, the spouse was in a good mood, the grilled cheese sandwiches didn’t burn….

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Exiting Normal

27 Strategies for Figuring Out Your Own Normal

The society we live in shapes what “normal” is through shared customs, advertising, the media, social media, consumer experiences, and communication with other people from the culture. If we live in a society, we’re likely to follow right along with its version of “normal.” That’s okay, if the culture is healthy and, by following the shared habits and customs, we…

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The Scary, Painful, Sucky Between

So I’ve said I’m not normal. But that’s not quite right. I’m perfectly “normal,” since there are many brands of normal floating around. I guess what I mean is I stepped out of my old way and am finding my way to a new one. Some would call it a mid-life crisis. Others an awakening. Some people would refuse to…

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