wake-up call

Exiting Normal

7 Aha! Posts from Families Who Travel With Their Kids

In 2012, our family took our first family travel sabbatical–to Belize. That first trip lit fireworks in our souls. We arrived in Belize on a beautifully sunny day in November 2012 as a mostly white-bread, middle-class, suburban family. We left our private school. We left our sports and activities (the superfluous, because-everyone-else-is-doing-it kind, not the ones that fed us). We…

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The Path

Attention: 39-Year-Old Has Senior Moment

Here in Florida, the average population is somewhat… you can say… mature. But I’m fast realizing that age is only a number and the kind of life you live has nothing to do with where you are on the great timeline of life. Living the life of your dreams can come at any age and, in fact, can see you…

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