Hello from northwestern Pennsylvania. The sun is shining brightly today but overall the last couple of weeks have been rainy… gentle spring rains falling to the tune of rumbling thunder in the distance. The weather isn’t perfect but winter is finally over and it’s time to watch closely for every new sign of spring.

Despite having written extensively about all the wonders and benefits of family travel, I have to ‘fess up—I’m very content these days to simply stay at home. Because of this, I’m very glad we never went the route of selling everything we own to take the big trips we have. I don’t know what the future holds—who knows? Maybe someday we’ll do just that for a monumentally epic trip.

I never rule anything out. I love the amazing potential of life. 

But for right now, right here, I’m happy.

Even though I’m a travel/inspirational blogger, I hope you guys never feel like I’m cheerleading you into something you don’t want to do. I feel like that myself, sometimes, when I’m reading other people’s blogs about their awesome travel lives or even their comments on the various Facebook travel groups.

Oh my gosh,” I might think. “I’m so behind! I need to plan a trip—NOW. I need to find flights—YESTERDAY. I need to get up and get moving—the kids are growing up and we still have so many places to go!

At times like these, I feel panicked, as though I’m not doing something I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t really believe this, of course. That’s a false voice manufacturing unnecessary stress. Does it really matter how fast or how far we travel? What matters is that we do everything we do with mindfulness and great love. Beyond that, nothing else really matters at all.

I love travel but my dreams are not all travel-related. I like to think I have both wings and roots. And, lately, I’ve been feeling more rooted. I’m sure a time will come (and, knowing me, probably not too far in the distant future) when I’ll get itchy feet and want to be off on another exciting adventure. I’m already thinking fall would be a good time for a couple months in a tropical climate. Put the kids in school. Make some friends. Research a new place. Practice Spanish.

For now, though, I am perfectly content in this present moment, enjoying this beautiful springtime.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with myself:

  • teaching my kids–the first grader is reading her first chapter book and I’m re-learning Algebra I,
  • learning and reading good books, like this one and this one,
  • writing a whole heck of a lot (I’m about to finish a romance novel and self-publish it! whoo!),
  • getting my first ebook (Exit Normal) into print version (finally, it’s only taken 4 years-whoo again!),
  • driving my kids all over the county for fishing, play practice, piano lessons, art class, or exchange year orientations,
  • practicing yoga a couple times a week,
  • meditating daily, either with a guided meditation podcast or with my beautiful mala beads,
  • getting together with friends–(here’s my favorite pizza dough recipe), and
  • working on projects around the house and garden (just bought these curtains and a friend is going to teach me how to hem them).

My travel lust has not disappeared. Right now, I’m simply content living in the moment and looking at the things in front of me more closely. That bird hopping under the bush, looking for worms. Hello, bird! That cheery daffodil that finally became brave enough to reach her face to the sun. Hello, flower! My fairy-crazy little girl who has been decorating fairy houses and gardens and listening for their magic. Hiya, baby.

I love the planet. Someday, I want to see the whole world. But right now, I’m happy right here at home.

How are you spending your springtime? I’d love to hear. 🙂

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