Thoughts become things, says Mike Dooley in his Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic. Not the first time I’ve heard this concept, but for some reason, this time it’s sticking.

His book is a NY Times Bestseller–and no wonder!–because who doesn’t want to live their best life possible?

Thoughts become things. If you think it, it becomes real. If you focus on something, you gain clarity about the thing happening in our lives. If you visualize, oh my, if you visualize!, you can’t even imagine how fast your dreams come true. Your head will be spinning in trying to keep up with all the good stuff pouring in.

Do you believe this? Has this ever happened in your life? 

It’s happened in mine at various times. These were the times I was “in the zone,” and one thing after another went right. I couldn’t wait to jump out of the bed in the morning. My creative energies were flowing. People and circumstances and objects that I had wished for seemed to come out of the woodwork. My whole life seemed like a miracle. I was on fire!

And I’ve experienced completely the opposite, too. Looking back, these were the times when I was announcing to the Universe negative statements that became real. “I am fat.” Universe hears “fat” and makes it real. “I am lonely and unfriendable.” Universe hears this and keeps new friends away. “I am a bad writer and no one would ever want to read what I write.” Universe hears this and agrees… and no one reads what I write.

But if I announce “I am thin and good-looking,” suddenly I feel great about my physical appearance! “I am a cool person and lots of people want to be around me” begins a cycle of rich friendships and true connections with other people. “I’m a good writer and I have something to say that people want to read” results in an increase in blog readership and a jump in book sales.

As Dooley says, we have an awesome ability to leverage the Universe and create our dream life because WE ARE ONE WITH GOD.

He attests that “There’s only God. We’re all one. Thoughts become things.” So it follows, as I’ve long believed, that because God is everything, God is us, too. This means that we have God inside of us, which means we have the Power inside of us. Every single one of us. And this Power is something we can plug into–or ignore–and the reality of our life will reflect it.

Do you believe this? Do you believe you have God within you? That you can plug your power cord into your own self and get your life moving in a divinely inspired way?

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Leveraging the Universe, I whole-heartedly recommend it. It’s an easy but challenging read that comforts you, inspires you, and lights a fire under you. After reading it, or even part of it, you’ll be ready to start visualizing the life of your dreams.

You’re here simply because you, a fragment of God, wanted to be here. You chose to be here to see what might happen, based on the choices you’d make once you arrived. You’re here for the adventure of it. You’re here to let your desires take you wherever they may. You are here to be you!”  — Mike Dooley