They say seeing is believing. But… I think it’s also safe to say believing is seeing. That is to say, you don’t SEE something until you BELIEVE it can exist. Why are so many of us refusing to believe life can be wonderful beyond our wildest imagination?

Instead of believing, we focus our efforts on repressing what we really feel, what we really think, and the way we really want to live. We push ourselves–our likes, our desires, our hopes, our dreams–below the surface and get through the mediocrity of today by medicating ourselves with food, drink, the latest episode of our favorite show, drugs, busy-ness, chatter, shopping, or routine.

We numb ourselves.

Instead of numbing ourselves to a reality we aren’t in love with, why shouldn’t we believe that an awesome life is possible? We can believe our way into a new reality, one that sets our souls on fire and gives us purpose and a reason to jump out of bed every morning. Instead of pushing aside our talents and our true identity, we should fall in love with ourselves, become our own best friend, and see ourselves as heroes. We each are as unique as a snowflake and we each offer something very specific and very necessary to the world. We all have a purpose here, one that no one else can accomplish in quite the same way. Believe in that purpose.

Think about it: the universe is a beautifully designed magnum opus, created by a higher, invisible Intelligence who knew exactly how to manifest interdependence of global proportions and perfect natural designs. These intricate and cooperative pieces all fit together into a miraculous whole. Each piece is critical to the overall success of the system. Thus our own life is connected in some unseen way to all that exists. And God, in creating everything, charges every bit of His creation with aspects of Himself–which means we have God in us. If God is the whole and we’re a piece of the whole, then we’re a piece of God. And critical to the glorious whole.

Queens Anne Lace

Why would you think you’re not?

I recently took a personality test (I’m an “INFP”) that made me understand that we all have unique and wonderful traits. Some personalities go together better than others, encouraging each other, touching each other’s hearts in ways that make us come alive, revealing our own gifts and true character.

The exercise of taking the test made me realize I am optimal the way I am… an introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceptive soul who prefers words over numbers, cries at the end of every movie (even happy ones), and feels bad for the underdog in almost every situation. It’s okay that I need large amounts of time by myself or with my little tribe, especially after lots of social time with friends or extended family. It’s perfectly normal for me to be a perfectionist and illogical and an idealist and a hater of conflict. In short, it’s good for me to know myself so that I can make the most of what I am and live the best life–for me–possible.

I am a work of art. You are a work of art. Nature is a work of art and society is a work of art. The homeless man on the corner, the people in the streets, the travelers, the homebodies, the younger versions and the older versions, the democrats and the republicans, people from all countries, people of all races, every single person awake and asleep… all of these are canvases blended by the same Artist into one immense work of art.

I am in awe that I get to be a part of the masterpiece.